In John’s Gospel, there is always something more going on than what is actually going on.

 “Signs,” like changing water into wine or miraculously feeding five thousand men with five loaves and two fish, are actions of attraction that entice others to believe.  Signs, at least in John’s Gospel, lead to knowledge, so to believe without these signs is something extraordinary. Jesus knew a lot about attracting others to his different way of looking at the law of salvation, and we can learn a lot from him.  

The greatest “sign” of what’s happening at St. Margaret is our weekly bulletin publication called The Pew Buddy.  It gets its name from Fr. Jamin’s dry sense of humor.  When he became pastor and began to preach his first homilies, parishioners, not knowing what would come out of his mouth, immediately grabbed their security blanket – their bulletin or Pew Buddy – to make the time pass quickly!

We hope you use the weekly publication to keep you informed about the “happenings” in our parish.  

Yes, from print to multimedia, there are all kinds of “signs” out there to bring others to us!   We don’t always need signs to be “attractive.” Faith without these signs is something extraordinary.  Perhaps the best “sign” of our belief is how we continue to preach the Good News of the Gospel “using words only when necessary.”  Get your “Pew Buddy” online now!  

The Weekly Bulletin Online:

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