Cardinal Avery Dulles in his book A Church to Believe In noted that the most fitting description of the Church is the “community of the disciples.”

St. Margaret is really about the person – not the place; it’s about meeting people where they are rather than making sure obligations are fulfilled; its not even about building ministries, but it is about helping others take steps along the path of growth to holiness.  Though our campus might be warm and inviting and our parishioners are really welcoming, St. Margaret is all about ongoing conversion! Our community loves God and people, and we want to make you a disciple!

Interesting in joining us in this mission?  We are glad that you are exploring. The first step is easy.  Simply come to worship with us on Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation, or even on Weekdays.  Introduce yourself to our Pastor, Deacons, and Parishioners.

If you’re willing to make it “official,” complete a registration form and return it by mail, in person at the Parish Office, or drop it any collection any weekend!  

Come live your faith and grow in your faith by sharing your faith with us!  

Registration Form