“Every authentic journey of faith, communion and witness springs from this sacrament of love.” -Pope Francis

Catholics refer to the Mass as the ‘source and summit’ for our faith.  It is the source since everything else we do flows from it; it is the summit because there is nothing on earth greater than it. 

It is here that Christ is present in the Word, in the Body of Believers, and in the Eucharistic species. Taking part in this celebration conforms us in a unique and profound way to Christ, granting us a foretaste of full communion with God in heaven where with all the saints we will have the tremendous joy of contemplating God face to face.   If you truly believe, then you don’t want to miss Mass with us at St. Margaret!

Our normal liturgical schedule is as follows:

Saturday Vigil Mass

4:00PM – St. Margaret Church, Albany

Sunday Masses

8:00AM – St. Thomas Chapel, Springfield
10:00AM – St. Margaret Church, Albany
5:30PM – St. Margaret Church, Albany

Weekday Masses

Tuesday – Friday – 7:00AM, St Margaret Church, Albany

Holy Day Masses

Scheduled as Announced