Newcomers to St. Margaret Church and our chapel of St. Thomas often ask the same question – from where do all of these people come?  

It surely is often the experience of folks who show up ten minutes early for Mass to realize there is not much seating room left in the Church!  Such is the “happy challenge” in our parish community!

Our parish is a diverse one of over nine hundred officially registered families on the eastern edge of Livingston civil parish in southeastern Louisiana – an area that has seen some of the most explosive demographic growth in the past years. St. Margaret is steeped in a rich history that stands at the precipice of yet another chapter of change, development, and growth.

Such unique environmental factors have forced St. Margaret’s parishioners to become savvy in how we organize and meet the growing demands of the people of God.  We invite you – no matter your race, culture, or creed – to join us to remember, to celebrate, and to believe. Remember the dedication of the men and women who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith but whose legacy serves as the very foundation of our faith community.  Celebrate our continued call to be a people of God who preach, teach, and lead by word and example. Finally, believe that no matter how uncertain things often are, God will give us the grace to continue the journey of faith together as a community.

St. Margaret is an example of charity incarnate.  Consider joining us to play, to pray, and to work!