by Very Rev. Jamin Scott David

You probably weren’t expecting to see a column from this guy again! Foremost, I wanted to simply say ‘thanks’ for the wonderful spirit of community embodied in the four porch parties and the farewell celebration that cumulatively marked a good send-off to Baton Rouge. Your love for me was tangible, and I’ll forever carry with me the memories of our community of faith.

One of our servers pointed out Sunday that I was the priest who baptized her and gave her first communion, and really, I’m the only priest she’s ever known! Together we have rejoiced in sacraments; we have wept in adversity; we have rolled up our sleeves in disaster; we have prayed together and laughed together. I thank you for your many gifts that you showered upon me these weeks. I hope to personally thank each of you, but please be patient with me and forgive me if I miss someone!

If you would like to keep in touch, several people have asked about my contact; it is as follows:   Very Rev. Jamin Scott David Vicar General Diocese of Baton Rouge Post Office Box 2028 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821 phone: 225.387.0561 email:

In my new role, I’ll eventually serve as the “supply help” priest, taking weekend Masses for men who are looking for vacation or who fall ill. I’ll try to let folks know via social media where I’ll be on a given weekend. Pray for me during this transition!

You’ll probably be surprised to see me again this weekend. To this end, Fr. Paul has asked me to share with you the following:

Dear Parishioners of St. Margaret: As several of you may have noticed, I have not been present celebrating the Mass for several weeks. I had been experiencing symptoms of burnout as I began the transition into this pastorate. I decided, with the support of Bishop Duca and the Diocese, to take some time away in to regain the emotional and mental health I need to serve you and the Church in the best way. I plan to be gone for the next 4-6 weeks before returning to serve as pastor of St. Margaret. I want to assure you that I am doing very well and write this letter with much peace in my heart, trusting in God’s abundant grace and loving providence. I ask for your support and prayers during this time, and I promise to keep you in my thoughts and prayers as well. Again, I want to thank Bishop Duca for supporting my request and for Fr. Jamin, Fr. Taylor, and my other brother priests for their willing support. ~Fr. Paul

So in the interim, you’ll see me for many of the weekend Masses; several priests will assist during weekday Mass and confessions; and the staff, ministry volunteers, and I will continue to keep St. Margaret humming along!

We love you, Fr. Paul, and are praying for you!

~Fr. Jamin