Dear Parishioners:

Our community has now arrived at a time where critical intervention is required to reduce harm from further spread of the Coronavirus.  Several jurisdictions have provided “stay at home” orders for their communities throughout the United States, and this is also true now in Louisiana.  While not total isolation or full quarantine, the faithful are encouraged to minimize contact with outside individuals aside from family in the household by only participating in essential activities such as visiting the doctor, grocery shopping, or purchasing prescriptions and other medical supplies.

It is the Church’s desire that the faithful continue to receive the sacraments as necessary, but it is also in the interest of public health and good social order that our ministry and work interface with the recommendations of our government.

Here are some updates for you and how this affects St. Margaret:


Fr. Jamin and Fr. Brad will continue to offer the sacraments as was outlined in previous posts on Facebook and our website and in accord with the directives of Bishop Duca from 17 March 2020. Some of these sacraments are surely essential (viaticum and Anointing in danger of death; abbreviated graveside funeral services). Even with these opportunities, everyone is reminded to practice proper social distancing, promote practices of good hygiene especially handwashing, and to be prudent and limited in interactions with each other and with clergy.

All non-sacramental events at St. Margaret continue to be postponed or cancelled until further notice.

The Parish Office will close for all outside business beginning on Monday, 23 March 2020 until further notice. Parishioners are encouraged to do business and interface with St. Margaret by means of electronic media (Facebook, the Website, YouTube), by email, or by traditional mail. You are especially encouraged to continue your generous financial stewardship by using the “Give” button on the St. Margaret website or by mailing your contribution.

St. Margaret’s employees will continue to work according to a modified schedule and usually off campus.  Some employees are designated as “essential” for our operations, and Fr. Jamin has ensured all employees that they will continue to be compensated for their work as long as St. Margaret’s financial predicament allows us to do so.  Fr. Jamin and the staff will follow the stay at home order from Governor Edwards, federal guidelines, and any future directives from our Bishop.


I will continue to monitor the situation and make further determinations about extending or retracting any of these provisions based upon the current situation in our community with the Coronavirus.

While our situation is not optimal given the incarnational nature of our Church, I remain excited with the creative ways that our Parish is beginning to reach out to you despite the many obstacles provided by the Coronavirus.  Be smart!  Follow Governor Edwards’ order!  Be safe and help slow the spread of this pandemic; know that I am thinking of you and praying for everyone in our community of faith!

~Fr. Jamin