This weekend (19/20 October 2019), our parking lots will be fully open on the St. Margaret campus. Here are some notable things to remember with the new parking patterns:
1. Please access the property via the Catholic Hall Road entrance only.
2. Please follow all parking signs. Enter the property via the Catholic Hall Road entrance. Travel south on the main roadway toward the rectory. If you would like to park between the Hall of Saints and Church, please drive between the rectory and turn under the portico headed north. Please DO NOT exit under the Church portico headed south!
3. Be mindful of all parking bumpers, and mind the lines!
4. Please DO NOT PARK on the main roadway that extends from Catholic Hall Road past the Hall, Hall of Saints, Church, and Rectory. This roadway is for two-way traffic to assist with ingress/egress for the Church property. Anyone who parks here will seriously compromise traffic flow.
5. Please DO NOT PARK off the concrete or on grassy areas as our landscaper will be doing work in flower beds and laying sod.
You should see the progress on the exterior of the building when you come to Church this weekend. Please spread the word that golf-cart service will no longer be used or needed this weekend, and anyone with mobility issues should be able to easily access the Parish Hall.
Only a few short weeks, and we’ll be back in Church! Stay tuned!
~Fr. Jamin