By Audrey Purvis

I have been participating in Mission Krewe since my freshman year of high school, and each year continues to amaze me. The service, community, and love brought together by both groups from Oregon and Massachusetts is abounding. This was the second year of meeting with the groups, and I can speak for many when I say it felt like they never left! The privilege of going to Oregon is one that I will never forget and always cherish. God works in amazing ways, and I am very thankful for the opportunities given to the youth of St. Margaret. Besides the beautiful weather and mountains that seemed to surround us, Oregon provided the chance for us to see the faces of many light up on the service days. You really learn to appreciate the little things when you see how many people need help cutting their grass or pulling weeds to make their yard look nicer, and how grateful they are. Even seeing your friends that live close to you!  Although it was a change of culture, you can still see the appreciation and joy when helping like Jesus would. From beach days, the grotto, and whitewater rafting, the beauty of Oregon continued to take my breath away (especially the cold river).

God is truly an artist, and his creations are proof to that. The departure is always a time that seems to come much too quickly especially when heat and humidity are waiting for us back in the south. However, it’s hard to stay away from St. Margaret for too long! Thank you again for the opportunities funded through your generosity and support as a community. Go Beavers!