As St. Margaret was preparing for her rededication some two years ago, it became clear that our tabernacle would not be fabricated in time for the Mass of dedication. Our old tabernacle would not be sufficient either as it would not fit in the new space. As such, the Church purchased a temporary tabernacle to house the Blessed Sacrament. A week later, the new tabernacle arrived.

This summer, Fr. Raphael Asika, a Missionary of St. Paul currently assigned to St. Catherine of Siena in Donaldsonville, asked our diocesan priests to consider donating a tabernacle to his home church of St. Matthew’s of Passo in Nigeria, and St. Margaret was happy to oblige.

Fr. Asika traveled with the tabernacle to Nigeria, and on 14 November 2021, he made the presentation to the overjoyed community who expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Fr. Jamin and the St. Margaret community.

Such a gesture is just another way our parishioners try to emulate the piety of our patroness, attending to charitable works in imitation of Christ.