Dearest Parishioners and Friends:
Our area knows first hand the devastation that can be caused by flooding. Four years ago, donations and contributions came to St. Margaret by the thousands to assist parishioners in our parish and in greater Baton Rouge affected by flooding. Many of these contributions came from people who live in the Lake Charles area.
While Hurricane Laura is still offshore, it is obvious that the Hurricane’s landfall will greatly impact our friends out west. I spoke with a dear priest friend of mine who is the Vicar General of Lake Charles, and he and I both know that parishioners of their parishes and the parishes themselves in the Diocese of Lake Charles will need our assistance, especially with the impacts of COVID-19.
WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW not only to return the favor to friends, neighbors and relatives in the Diocese of Lake Charles! We will be sending gift cards of all denominations to sister Churches in southwest Louisiana to assist their parishioners who will suffer so much from the devastation that will be caused by Laura.
Consider going by Wal-Mart, Target, Shell or Exxon stations, Lowe’s and Home Depot and purchasing a gift card in any amount, preferably in denominations of $50 to $100 per card. Imagine the help we could give if each family were able to contribute something!
Place them in an envelope marked “Helping Hands” and return it to the parish office, the office dropbox, or place it in the collection this weekend. You can also give a cash donation that we will forward to our neighbors. This is a perfect way to help as all contributions will be forwarded directly to Hurricane victims without any overhead costs associated.
We will make an announcement also about a second collection in the coming weeks to help our brothers and sisters in Christ. You can always give through our online button. Just tell us that your donation is a “Helping Hands” donation:
It’s impossible for us to be there physically to help at St. Margaret, but we are here to help and return to the favor to so many who have been generous to us! Please consider helping!
Stay safe friends! Lake Charles, we love you!
Fr. Jamin