Everything we have is truly a gift from God, and the Lord encourages us to generously share those blessings with others.  When we do, we accumulate lasting treasure. Because we define giving as an act of love and because we measure it against the great gift of God’s Son, then giving generously and sacrificially is exactly the point.  Prayerfully, we give with generous hearts.

At St. Margaret, we have much for which we are thankful, and we are mindful that these things – our health, our homes, our relationships, our communion with Christ and other parishioners, all of our earthly treasures – are gifts from God’s hands and are entrusted to us with his blessing, that we might live as his own and honor Christ by sharing.  We honor Jesus when we give. Giving is planned, proportionate, sacrificial, born of free expression, and prayerful.

Look around and you will find proof that God has blessed this community abundantly and that we continue to use these gifts as “good stewards” – a theme that has long been a hallmark of the administration of this parish.  

There are many ministerial and physical plans that we hope to accomplish together over the next years.  Would you consider being a continued “good steward” by investing in St. Margaret your time, your talent and your treasure and continue to give prayerfully with your generous hearts? We continue the work of a faithful Catholic community whose every effort is a work of faith rooted in a generous heart and spirit!

Please be generous and give now!  

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