“Why do you love me,” the bride asked her groom. “Because I choose to,” answered the groom.

Deacon Joseph Bresowar presented a talk regarding the Domestic Church for our first installment of Family Faith Formation.  He noted that the family is the domestic church where parents, by their word and example, are the first preachers of the faith, fostering a vocation to a sacred state.  Here in the domestic church, children learn the meaning of justice, mercy, love and fidelity.

Acts of love rooted in our free choice rather than emotion or circumstance is a progression in holiness and fulfillment of our calling.

Marriage is a sacrament of service and the service you take upon yourself is to help your spouse become a saint and get to heaven.  The stability and fidelity you strive for in marriage is an active virtue which constantly seeks for the other’s good and to know them more deeply.  This is where children first lean of God’s fidelity. 

The whole church is called to restore the dignity of marriage and especially the dignity of motherhood to its deserved place of honor in society, first by the way we think, and second in the way we act.

If you missed this month’s installment of Family Faith Formation, make plans to attend next month’s presentation – “An Instruction for Christian Households: Ephesians 5” by Deacon Joseph Bresowar on September 25, 2022 following 10:00AM Mass at St. Margaret Church.  All are welcome!